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Meeting president of Tianjin NU

Tianjin Normal University invited University of Nairobi administrators and scholars to China. The trip took place from 10th – 21st December, 2014 and a total of 12 delegates took part led by the Prof. Henry Mutoro, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs).  Dr. Nyachae Michira represented the Department of Kiswahili in the delegation that also included education officials from the Ministry of Education and representatives of other institutions that have Chinese language programmes. The purpose of the trip was to expose the delegates to Chinese culture with a view to supporting the activities of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi. The long term goal was to explore the strategies needed to accelerate and expand the teaching of Chinese language in Kenyan institutions including universities, colleges and schools.

Towards this end, the delegation held discussions with the management of Tianjin Normal University led by the President of that university. The team also toured Beijing city and visited Hanban (the headquarters of the International Council of Chinese Language).

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