Collaborations in Kiswahili

University Of Nairobi & Hankkuk University Korea

A member of staff from the department of Kiswahili is given an invitation to Hankkuk University to teach literature, language and culture.

Dr. Tom Olahi has been teaching in Korea,Hankkuk from 2014-2016. He will be replaced y Dr.Michira  Nyachae how will be there from 2016-2018.



University Of Nairobi &humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin

The Department of Kiswahili is one of the units involved in the collaboration with The University of Nairobi has with Humboldt University in Germany.

Areas of collaboration include:

  • Joint research activity

  • Participation in seminars and academic events

  • Exchange of academic material

  • Special academic programmes

  • Exchange of guest lecturers

  • Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students

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