Latest News in Kiswahili

Prof.John Habwe at an East African Community conference.In the group photo is the Principal Secretary for East Afircan Community Affairs Beatty Maina

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Prof.Rayya Timammy attended a workshop at Kenya institute of Curriculum Development from 21st to 22nd June 2016, the theme of the workshop was “Kiswahili Curriculum at East African Universities”

The workshop was sponsored by the East African Kiswahili Commission and DAAD.

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M.A Student from Department of Kiswahili giving a presentation at the Kenya institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

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PhD Defence Photo at Kiswahili deparment, University of Nairobi

The department of Kiswahili recently held an MA defense session for its postgraduate students. Among the panelist were Prof Kithakwa wa Mberia and Dr.Prisca Jerono.

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Kutoka kulia ni Dkt.Iribe Mwangi, Hezekiel Gikambi, Abdillatif Abdalla,
Mohammed Khelef Ghassany

Dr.Mwangi Iribe attended a Conference in Bayreuth Germany from 6th to 8th May on Kiswahili Studies

Ukumbi wa Iwalewahaus, Chuo Kikuu cha Bayreuth. Ujerumani.
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