The Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW) started in 2015, and is an annual event celebrating local and international innovations while enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The University of Nairobi in collaboration with a large number of partners and…

Mwito wa Ikisiri

Tarehe Muhimu

Makataa: 30Juni 2020

Ukubali wa Ikisiri: 15 Julai 2020

Washiriki kuthibitisha: 15 Sept.2020

Warsha: 15 Dis.2020

Kongamano: 16-17Dis.2020

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21st century is full of surprises, both cultural and technology. The surprises are both local and global. The surprises resulting from unprecedented change have stretched the creativity and imaginations of ordinary workers, managers, CEOs, academics and policy makers. What we thought as domain…