Kiswahili Linguistics

This thematic area includes subsections like phonetics, Kiswahili phonology, Kiswahili ,morphology, Kiswahili syntax, Kiswahili semantics, Kiswahili pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Historical and comparative studies in Kiswahili, Kiswahili psycho-linguistics and Kiswahili translation and interpretation. The focus of this thematic area is largely to offer Kiswahili description and analysis of Kiswahili language data. This description has to be related to theoretical positions in linguistics. Programmes in this thematic area are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Head of Thematic Area

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Dr. Jefwa Mweri

Members of Thematic Area

1) Prof. Hamu Habwe

2) Prof. Iribe Mwangi

3) Dr. Ayub Mukhwana

4) Dr. B.G. Mungania

5) Dr. Nyachae Michira

6) Dr. Prisca Jerono

7) Dr. Hannah Mwaliwa

8).   Dr. Mary Ndung'o

9). Mwl. Judy Onyancha

10) Mwl. Andrew Watuha


Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked to Thematic Area

BA Kiswahili Linguistics

LK 101: Listening Skills and Oral Communication in Kiswahili

CLK 102: Introduction to Translation and Interpretation

CLK 104: Introduction to Kiswahili Linguistics

CLK 201: Functional Writing in Kiswahili

CLK 203: Communicative Grammar of Kiswahili

CLK 204: Kiswahili and the Media

CLK 301: Kiswahili Phonology and Morphology

CLK 304: Practical Translating and Interpreting

CLK 305: Sociolinguistics

CLK 306: Stylistics

CLK 307: Kiswahili Dialectology

CLK 309: Editing

CLK 310: Kiswahili and Emerging Issues

CLK 401: Public Speaking and Speechwriting in Kiswahili     

CLK 402: Research Methods and Academic Writing                       

CLK 403: Traditional and Modern Linguistic Theories

CLK 405: Practicum                                                                        

CLK 406: Semantics and Discourse Analysis                        

CLK 407: Lexicography and Terminology Development                                   

CLK 409: Early and Modern Development of Kiswahili

CLK 410: Literary Translation

Masters in Kiswahili Linguistics

CLS 501: Advanced Swahili Phonology

CLL 505 : Research Methods

CLS 511 : Lexicography (elective)

CLS 509: Advanced Translation (elective)

CLS 506 : Advanced Morphology

CLS 601 : Swahili Syntax

CLS 605: Sociolinguistics

CLS 607 : Historical & Comparative Bantu (elective)

CLS 602 : Semantics & Pragmatics

CLS 608 : Dialectology (elective)


1)         Editing in Publishing Firms

2)         Working as Public Relations Officers

3)         Teaching of Kiswahili in Schools

4)         Working for Media as editors, evaluators

5)         Working for Translation Bodies

6)         Working as Interpreters in International Conferences (Kiswahili is AU Language)

7)         Working as culture Communication Experts