BA Kiswahili
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Degree Name:BA Kiswahili
Degree Type:BACHELOR
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CLK 101 Listening Skills And Oral Communication In Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 102 Introduction To Translation And Interpretation45View Description
CLK 103 Introduction To Kiswahili Prose45View Description
CLK 104 Introduction To Kiswahili Linguistics45View Description
CLK 201 Functional Writing In Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 202 Modern Kiswahili Poetry And Drama45View Description
CLK 203 Communicative Grammar Of Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 204 Kiswahili And The Media45View Description
CLK 301 Kiswahili Phonology And Morphology45View Description
CLK 302 Literary Theories And Criticism Of Kiswahili Literature45View Description
CLK 303 Performing Arts In Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 304 Practical Translating And Interpreting45View Description
CLK 305 Sociolinguistics45View Description
CLK 306 Stylistics45View Description
CLK 307 Kiswahili Dialectology45View Description
CLK 308 Children’s And Young Adult Literature In Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 309 Editing45View Description
CLK 310 Kiswahili And Emerging Issues45View Description
CLK 401 Public Speaking And Speechwriting In Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 402 Research Methods And Academic Writing45View Description
CLK 403 Traditional And Modern Linguistic Theories45View Description
CLK 404 Kiswahili Oral Literature And Culture45View Description
CLK 405 Practicum45View Description
CLK 406 Semantics And Discourse Analysis45View Description
CLK 407 Lexicography And Terminology Development 45View Description
CLK 408 Classical Kiswahili Literature45View Description
CLK 409 Early And Modern Development Of Kiswahili45View Description
CLK 410 Literary Translation45View Description

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