Kiswahili Literature

This thematic area includes Kiswahili Drama, Kiswahili novel, Kiswahili poetry ; both modern and classical, Kiswahili short story, Kiswahili Literary essay, Kiswahili oral literature. This thematic area mainly focuses on Kiswahili literature description and relating it to known literary canon in the study of literature. As different areas of this thematic area are studied they are also compared to provide the comparative element across genre and across epochs. Students in this thematic area range from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

Head of Thematic Area

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1)         Prof K.W. Wamitilla

2)         Prof. Kineene wa Mutiso

3)         Prof. Rayya Timammy

4)         Prof. Mwenda Mbatiah

5)         Dr. Zaja Omboga

7)         Prof. Evans Mbuthia

8)         Dr. James N. Michira

9)         Dr. Swaleh Amiri

10) Mwl. Leonard Sanja

11). Dr. Samson Ongarora

Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked to Thematic Area

BA Kiswahili Literature

CLK103: Introduction to Kiswahili Prose

CLK 202: Modern Kiswahili Poetry and Drama

CLK 302: Literary Theories and Criticism of Kiswahili Literature   45

CLK 303: Performing Arts in Kiswahili

CLK 306: Stylistics

CLK 308: Children’s and Young Adult Literature in Kiswahili

CLK 310: Kiswahili and Emerging Issues

CLK 403: Traditional and Modern Linguistic Theories

CLK 404: Kiswahili Oral Literature and Culture

CLK 405: Practicum

CLK 408: Classical Kiswahili Literature

CLK 410: Literary Translation

Masters in Kiswahili Literature

CLS 503: Theory Of Literature & Stylistics

CLL 505: Research Methods

CLS 509: Advanced Translation (elective)

CLS 502: Swahili Drama

CLS 504: Epic And Long Poem

CLS 510: Oral Literature (elective)

CLS 603: Swahili Prose

CLS 604: Swahili Poetry

CLS 606: Project


1)         Editing in Publishing firms

2)         Teaching of Literature in Schools

3)         Working for Media

4)         Creative Writing

5)         Film Industry(Acting and script writing)

6)         Culture Communication Experts